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Target Group

The targeted beneficiaries of the MADE-Nepal will be Dalit, Women, Janajati, Madeshi, youth and other disadvantaged people of the project areas. However, it also gives the emphasis to those people having under threat from different disasters and vulnerability in the community and school.
MADE Nepal will continue its engagement in rural areas of the hills and the Tarai. Owing to the increasing trend of internal migration and urbanization, the programme will increase its engagements in municipalities to address urban and peri-urban issues. Particularly for economic development activities, the programme will work in economically potential areas, market places and corridors. However, the working areas of the MADE Nepal will be all over the Nepal based upon the organization resources, susceptibility to mass poverty and human development index. The organization may add other working districts considering long term funding possibilities and its own institutional competency. The clustering and working areas may have to be adjusted based on the state restructuring policy of the constitution 2015 AD.

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