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Cross cutting component /Theme

2Cross cutting component /Theme

2.1Gender and Social Inclusion (GESI)

Inequality and exclusion results in unequal power relation with the marginalization of one section of the population and denial of rights and access to enabling opportunities. MADE- Nepal thus will strive toward reaching equality between women and men and just practices for the socially excluded population based on caste, ethnicity, geography and origin. Building leadership and breaking a culture of silence will be of importance for this engagement. Initiatives like internship programme and affirmative action during recruitment and career development will support the goal of proportionate representation of women and marginalized groups in both the programme and within the organization. Dedicated programme efforts for women and Dalits will emphasize on the need to address existing inequality, injustice, discrimination and structural poverty based on gender and caste with religious and cultural values. For this it is also important to strategically involve men and non-disadvantaged as a means to an end. Cross cutting efforts will address the burden of unpaid care work for effective representation of women and transform traditional occupations with the integration of new technologies especially for Dalit community. MADE Nepal will be sensitive and conscious in its effort to promote and ensure gender equality and social inclusion. It will monitor programmes, investments and benefit flows assessed by the socio-economic and cultural cohort.

2.2Climate change and environment

The impact of climate change and environment negatively affects communities, natural resources, local economies and development interventions. Thus, MADE-Nepal with its dedicated interventions to dig deeper on the issue will implement pilot initiatives to establish a culture of safety and bring resilient systemic changes in the field. The organization will implement reconstruction and rehabilitation activities after the earthquake in selected areas, where it had a project presence before. For this it will collaborate with specialist organizations, who have a particular experience in humanitarian aid situations. Cross cutting interventions will support mainstreaming of climate change adaptation and environmental issues in all programmes with the aim to develop adaptive measures related to livelihoods, agriculture production, green jobs, natural resources management and also in relation with equitable access to resources.

2.3Policy Advocacy

Policy advocacy for right based issues of Dalit, women and other marginalized community through networking and alliance building among stakeholders will be done. Based upon the clear guideline, MADE-Nepal implements its issue based activities in the community where awareness and services accessibility are beyond their imagination. Media engagement, policy dialogue, meeting, campaigning are some of the tools of the policy advocacy of the organization.

2.4Good governance

Transparency, participation and downward accountability are ensured in all operations of both the programme and organizational processes of MADE-Nepal. The organization applies different tools and processes to ensure effective governance, e.g. participatory planning, public audit, public hearing, transparency board and public review with communities. The organization also understands that the lack of effective governance will give space for corruption and unjust, unequal rule of law hampering the entire development interventions. It also realizes that the unheard voices are to be included and meaningfully represented in all local planning and decision making processes directly and indirectly. MADE-Nepal thus will ensure good governance in its programme with both dedicated and cross cutting outcome indicators and thrives to engage improved governance practices within the organizational management and development efforts.

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