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MADE-Nepal’s strategic thrust is to integrate institution, infrastructure, resource generation, local capacity and peaceful change in order to achieve sustainable development. In building sustainable local institutions, the concept of co‐production is followed wherein, the users are involved in entire program‐cycle like planning, design, implementation, monitoring, including cost benefit sharing and operation and maintenance. It believes that such participatory approach can increase user’s contribution, reduce the cost and increase efficiency in program implementation. Local capacity is enhanced to enable them to manage the available resources for harnessing the full potential of these resources for enhanced livelihood. More specifically MADE-Nepal’s strategy includes:

01Participatory development

02Optimum mobilization of local resources

03Social mobilization and economic empowerment of right holders

04Capacity building of target groups and local government agencies

05Collaboration and coordination with local government agencies

06Advocacy and networking

07Promoting good governance, social accountability, right based development etc

08Documentation of best practices and organizational learning

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