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Working Approaches

MADE believes on following approach on planning, implementation and follow up of the community based development works

01Group approach

Collective efforts work well than the individual. MADE believes on group approach while implementing any development activities. The steps of group approach involves the following:

  • Self help group (SHGs) formation
  • Inclusion of women , ethnic group and minority caste
  • Group mobilization (planning, regular meeting, fund collection, involvement on material procurement and transportation, construction, evaluation and operation and maintenance)
  • Group strengthening and capacity buildings

02Community based approach (CBA)

Every project is implemented as per the need, interest and demand of the community.

03Participatory approach

People’s participation on project planning, user’s group formation and mobilization, action plan preparation, implementation, monitoring, follow-up and in the phase over process is mandatory. Participation on financial contribution and involvement on resource collection and mobilisation promotes the ownership filling towards the project and enhance the sustainability.

04Collaborative/partnership approach

MADE intends to work in collaborative approach with CBO/LNGO and line agencies for developing and implementation of the project to meet the common goal.

05Co-ordination and linkages approach

MADE establish a strong linkage mechanism and coordination with the concerned stakeholders, collaborative organizations, line agencies and monitoring institutions to meet the objective of the project. It will help to avoid the duplication and creates a helping situation while implementing the project.

06Inclusion approach

MADE, intends for the inclusion of gender and ethnic minorities for the implementation of the community development activities. Proportional participation of ethnic minority helps for the coherence of the unity in a users group. It minimizes the conflict and promotes people’s participation. We believe on the mainstreaming of the gender and ethnic minorities for promoting sustainability of the project. Hence, empowering women and ethnic minorities in is very important to enhance the service demanding capacity from the service provider.

07Right based approach (RBA)

Public awareness is needed for empowering the community people and involving in the mainstream of development. MADE believes that it is possible only from public awareness campaign during project preparation, development and implementation by means of media advertising, community sensitization, non- formal education, trainings, meetings and personal communication.

08Sustainable development approach

It involves mobilization of local resources and innovations, development of local technical cadre, social mobilization and institutional development and long run technical support.

09Anti-corruption and anti–fraud approach

Corruption and fraud creates conflicts in the community and they are illegal. MADE will maintain transparency on financial, information and planning of the project. We believe, on the anti fraud approach.

10Anti social evil approach

The staffs and members of MADE are committed not to involve on social evils eg gambling, alcohol drinking etc in the community and will encourage the user’s group members and community people on these manors. They will carry out only the activities that are locally and socially acceptable.

11Conflict resolution approach

MADE will involve on finding the root causes of conflicts in a community while implementing the community based activities and try to solve the potential disputes before it arose. We belief building understanding to each other, interaction will minimize the conflicts. Arbitration between two parties and individual may be needed. All these can build peace and harmony in a community.

12Legal but not political approach

MADE will follow the current act, rule and regulation of the government of Nepal. We do not believe on anti legal activities while implementing a project. We will try not to organise the user’s group politically.

13Flexibility approach

MADE Nepal will be flexible on incorporating any need based demand. Rigidity in the program may lead to conflicts. However, the flexibility or change in the plan may held with the consensus of the concerning agencies

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