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Adaptation of Climate Change

As issues related to climate change and global warming start to occupying large spaces on our tables, it is high time that we also made preparations to address them in a holistic manner. MADE Nepal is going to equip itself with information on climate change because it can be easily divert our current work strategies. While it is important to remain focused on issues of interest, it is also necessary to keep our eyes and ears open to the world. Projects on climate change are necessary for us Nevertheless, climate change is a critical issue (as we have all been feeling about it in our homes) and all organizations should start considering it as an issue of highest relevant and work in its direction either in a full-fledged manner or as a cross-cutting theme in their other projects.We cannot ignore the fact that it is the poor (with whom we work) who bear the greatest brunt of these problems.

We may be working in an area with 70% forest cover but recently, due to continuous deforestation activity, we have observed change in the weather. Besides, this may have also caused soil degradation and droughts in the area nearby, affecting agricultural crops and livestock and causing food security problems for the people. If this situation has been observed, it is important to carry out quick research through interaction with the stakeholders: the community, village councils, CBOs, the governmental agencies, the private sector and other organizations working in the area. If the problem has been discussed with them, it is also possible to arrive at a solution like planting extra trees.

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